Best Alternatives For Google Affiliate Network

Recently Google announced that they are closing Google affiliate network; one of the recognized products due to a decline in CPA around the market. Still lots of bloggers and websites are earning through affiliated network and if you are one of them then you don’t have to get frustrated because many better alternatives are on the internet. Lots of sites like skimlinks and AffiliateTraction provide free transfer to their programs. However, many cool sites are around the internet and I want to suggest some top affiliated network sites. So check them out below.

  1. CJ ( Commission Junction)
    cj google affiliate alternative

    Cj is a high quality network that has a lot of advertisers of different categories and fully user oriented. Their dashboard is easy to use and you can find your targeted advertiser easily with their search engine. They always have some reward and deals for any upcoming event that could help to earn much from them. You can be pay out through direct deposit or by a check.
  2. Linkshare
    linkshare google affiliate alternative
    Link share is an old, trusted network that has well know advertisers like Walmart, At&t and Barnes&Noble. We can find any product regarding our niche with high rate of commission.
  3. EWA
    ewa google affiliate alternative

    EWA is a trusted private network that has well reputed advertises. They have a policy to accept 12 applications daily and only good quality websites could be accepted. So the option of that network could be a difficult one, but I ranked it 3 due to their brand.
  4. ClickBank
    Clickbank google affiliate alternative
    It is a well known affiliate with lots of products. There are especially a lot of book affiliate deals available. They changed their web design recently, which gave a decent look to the site, plus that it became more user friendly and now it’s easy to search for better products. They started to share helpful tips on blog which are really beneficial if you are new to affiliate market.
  5. Shareasale
    shareasale google affiliate network alternative

    Shareasale is an old network with different options like pay per lead for merchant. They have more than 2500 merchants with a lot of deals and products that might be better to advertise on your site.

I hope all above suggestions will help to maintain your earning after retiring of Google affiliate. I would personally recommend to use cj or linkshare if you don’t want to do a lot of research. Affilliate marketing still has big potentials and you can also use it with Adsense or with any other ads as a side earning.


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