Best App To Remote Android Phone From Web Browser

You may have heard of accessing PCs through different remote softwares like Teamviewer to stream or share files. So I want to share a cool app, Airdroid that helps to remote any Android phone from anywhere through your web browser without any cost.


Airdroid is a free app that is developed by a creative firm, Sand Studio that enables you to access your Android phone with your user account. It has some awesome features like messaging from your phone through your browser or share pictures, videos and other files easily to your PC. It also enables you to stream your phone with browser in decent quality and take cool screen shots or take a picture and video with just your browser. You can find or locate your phone and lock your mobile to protect it from theft and it can be used as an alternative to Google latitude. They have premium options if you want some extra features like good quality stream or want to increase file sharing sizes and can also remove ads with their premium account.

I hope this app will help to use your Android phone for extra things and there are some alternatives like splashtop that give a better quality stream but it is not free and Airdroid has some extra features like find my phone and you can easily access through your browser. So find it from here and if you want to learn some other cool extra android tips and need help then check some Android articles here.

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