Best Call Blocker Apps To Block Unwanted Calls For Android

Whether it’s a call center that is trying to reach you on your cellphone at 5 o’clock in the morning because they think that you live in a state where it’s three hours later, and they feel a need to sell you a new internet plan, or an annoying, crazy stalker ex that won’t listen to a simple ‘no’, getting unwanted calls is a very unnerving thing. If you have troubles with the long, difficult operation that you need to perform in order to put people on the black list with your Android phone, there are some apps that make it easier for you to block unwanted callers.

Apps To Block Number On Android

1. Call Control – Call Blocker

Call Control
This app works pretty easy and comes with a Blacklist to put unwanted people on. The good thing about Call Control is that it has a Community Blacklist (something that the app is also unique in), which means that numbers that are flagged by the community as unwanted are automatically being blocked. The app had thousands of different numbers that people complained about and that are now blocked automatically. If you choose to block someone you can choose to make the call not ring or to send it straight to the voice mail. You can even block a certain area code.It also has an option to look up an unknown telephone number to find out who is calling you and the option of blocking private and unknown calls.

2. Mr. Number-Block calls, texts

The name kind of says it all: Mr. Number replaces your default texting and callings apps so that you can text faster and see when messages are delivered and read, identify unknown callers and block calls and texts from people and companies that you don’t want to be bothered by.The multifunctional apps is unique because it combines a texting, calling and blocking numbers service all at once. Popular features include: free messaging to friends, option to reply people without opening the app, caller ID for numbers that are not in your contact list (only for US) and keep track of who you need to call back and who you never call. You can also report spam calls, text messages and MMS to warn other users. This app is good for if you are already looking for a new messaging system, and find the option to block calls easily an advantage.

3. Extreme Call Blocker (Stealth)

Extreme Call Blocker (Stealth)
With this app you can easily block unwanted calls and text messages and MMS messages, and you can customize your blocking setting and select how/when/which call and SMS it has to block. You can also hide text message, it has calendar scheduling and supports timers. The app is password protected so if your stalker ever gets a hand on your phone, they can’t unblock their own number on it. You can also hide the app icon from your app list so that nobody will know that you have it installed, the option to automatically erase all blocked calls from your call log, send people straight to voice mail, answer and hang up (so that callers won’t be able to leave a voice mail), auto-reply to text messages, hide private messages, shake your phone to close the mail box, and more.

With these apps, you will certainly get rid of whoever is calling you. It may seem a bit extreme to you to get an app like this, but the default Android setting for blocking numbers is very difficult and some people just don’t take the time out to block contacts, even if it is very necessary or if someone is really stalking them. However, if you are really being stalked by a person you should always report it to the police because it may be hard to get rid of them if you only block them on your phone.

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