Best Cases For The iPhone 5 And iPhone 5s

If you’re a fan of cases that also function as gadgets, or just iPhone cases that offer a little more than just protection, you are in luck. More and more cases are coming out that offer extra qualities and features, and a lot of people and companies are getting creative. You can find any type of artsy case, or go for a multifunctional case, it is all up to you.

Check out these 5 cases for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s that we have selected:

1. iPhone 5s Official leather case

iPhone 5s leather case
This is the official case for the iPhone 5s. It is made from strong leather and protects your entire iPhone, as well as your buttons. It is available in brown, red, blue, yellow, beige and black.
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2. Incipio Stowaway

Incipio Stowaway Case
Your iPhone and your credit card are probably two of your most valuable pocket possessions, and with this case you can keep them together, by hiding your credit card inside the Incipio Stowaway case.
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3. TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case

TYLT Energi Sliding Power-Case
If you frequently run out of power when you are outdoors, this is the case for you. It is a charger as well as a battery case and provides up to 9 hours of extra battery life.
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4. Stickygram Case

Stickygram Case
This case if very cool if you have Instagram: Stickygram connects to your Instagram account and lets you choose a few of your favorite images, and then adds it to the iPhone case. You can choose between white or black for the background color.
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5. Belkin Lego Builder Case

Belkin Lego Builder Case
You can now play lego on your iPhone, literally ON your iPhone. This creative iPhone case is scratch resistant, but the coolest thing about it is that you can add real lego bricks on the back of it.
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As you can see, iPhone cases are becoming more creative and multifunctional, and there is a perfect cage for everyone. Which case do you use for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s?

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