Best Free Online Alternatives To Microsoft Office

If your computer is just too small or not capable of carrying too many programs, working online is sometimes the best solution. In a recent article we have already listed a top three alternatives to Microsoft Office. Now we are back with a top three best online alternative office suites. Check them out below:

Google Docs

google docs
Google Docs is an online office suite, accessible through Google’s storage service, Google Drive. It has almost the same features that Microsoft Office has – presentations, spreadsheets and a word processor – and you can work together with anybody, regardless if they have a Google account or not. So if you like to work, share and edit documents with more people at a time, Google Docs is what you are going to want. For $2.50 dollars a month you can upgrade Google Docs and get more than 5GB of space.

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs
This online office suite may not offer as much space as Google Docs does – only 1GB of free storage room – but besides that it works pretty much the same as the former does. It comes with spreadsheets, presentations and a word processor as well. It also gives you the opportunity to share and edit with a whole group of people on the same document. The office suite is accessible through common browsers like Windows and Firefox and there is also an app available for Android and Apple devices.

ThinkFree online

Unless if you live in Australia or New Zealand, you can use ThinkFree online as a trial for one month. After that you have to sign up and pay a fee to use the office suite. Users of ThinkFree get 1GB online storage room and it is possible to share documents with others and post to a blog or the web. ThinkFree office also has a mobile version available for the Android market, but not for Apple devices.

We hope that this article was of help to you. It can be useful to have an online source in which you can save, edit and share your important documents, be it as an extra option.


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