Best Google Services Other Than Search Engine

Google is the most popular website of all times, and it offers a great deal of desktop, mobile and online services that are being used by a lot of people daily. Google is the first in and the best at a lot of things, and almost all of Google’s products immediately become a great success, or if they don’t, Google keeps improving them until everybody uses them. But what are the most useful products that Google offers? Which services benefit the most people? We made a top 3 of Google products that we think are the most contributing and the most useful:

1. Gmail

Gmail is of course Google’s free email services, and it is safe to say that it is now the most popular email service in the world. It is the most widely used web-based email provider, and it has over 425 million active users worldwide. Gmail is web-based, and it is extremely useful for business email as well as personal email. The Gmail inbox is big, and you can save up to 10 GB of your mail in your inbox, which gives you plenty of space for documents, files and records. Gmail updates your mail automatically, allows you to mark emails as ‘important’, and it gives you the option to sort your emails into different categories, all to make it easy for you to keep track of which mails you have to answer, and which ones are the most important. Another bonus that Gmail has is that you can use other email-addresses and link them to Gmail, so that you have all your emails in one place.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs
Lots of people still use Microsoft Word or Open Office, but Google Docs offers the same services (and more) and it’s all online, which means that your PC doesn’t hang as much and you don’t need to download any programs to access it. You can do pretty much anything on Google Docs: create presentations, spreadsheets and documents are the start of it. You can import your files through the web interface or via email and the documents that you make with Google Docs can be saved onto your computer in many different formats. Another great thing about Google Docs is that many different users can edit, open and edit the same document at the same time, which makes it very popular for people that are working together or doing a project at school. When you are working with Google Docs you don’t need to be worried about forgetting to save your documents in time, because changes are automatically saved from time to time.

3. Google Maps

Google Maps
Nowadays there are a lot of mapping services that provide roughly the same services, but Google Maps still has a slight advantage over most mapping services, because it has so many tools at once: it is a route planner for traveling by car, by foot, by bike or public transportation and it offers street maps. Google Maps was one of the first services to show satellite images in there maps. Over 54% of all smartphone users use Google Maps on their phone, and it is a built-in app in many smartphones. The down side of Google Maps is that many of its satellite pictures are old (upto 5 years), so it doesn’t always reflect the correct current state of the part of the map that you are looking at. Some areas on the map are also blurry. However, Google’s route planner still works perfectly fine, and you can rely on it if you are trying to find you way.

Google is so much more than just the world’s number 1 search engine: it has many products that make life a lot easier to live. What is your favorite Google product?

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