Best Messaging Apps For Android

Texting can be expensive, and nowadays people use the internet on their smartphones to communicate more than they use texting. There are a few apps that can make texting free, cheap and/or enjoyable for Android users. Check them out below:

1. Handcent

This app can be used to replace the original messaging widget on Android phones. Handcent is customizable, which means that you can choose a background color, select a theme, choose from various font colors and choose the color of the SMS bubbles. You can also lock your private messages, save MMS content, search texts, take screenshots, and more.

2. Viber

Viber is mostly being used for free calling, but it also has free texting. It is a very popular service that recently launched a pc version as well, and the good thing about Viber is is that it is really free. You can send text messages, send out photos and videos and you can make HQ calls via wifi or 3G or 4G, via your existing phone number. Viber automatically syncs your contacts, and you will see which friends have Viber so that you can text them right away.

3. WhatsApp

This service is pretty much what started to offer free texting over wifi, and it is hard to come up with something better than WhatsApp. It used to be available for iOS only, but now you can get it on almost any phone. WhatsApp is organized, professional looking and easy to use and I recommend it to everyone. You can use it for texting, sending pictures, videos, audio notes, locations and contacts. WhatsApp syncs your contacts.

4. Facebook Messenger

This app is pretty cool and it is being used by almost 200 million Android users. Lots of people chat on Facebook with their friends and family, and with the Facebook Messenger you can do that on your phone, without all the other Facebook features. Of course you can also send pictures. It also has a lot of cute emoticons that you can download for free, of cats for example, that you can also find on the Facebook website.

5. Go SMS Pro

This app is a little bit similar to Handcent SMS, mainly because it is also a messaging widget that can replace the original messaging widget of Android. It has the same features that Handcent has when it comes to customization, but the design looks more modern than that of Handcent and there are a lot  more themes and stickers (like on Facebook Messenger).

I hope that you can find the right messenger. I recommend WhatsApp and Facebook messenger for free messaging over wifi, because a lot of people have it and you can get it on many phones. These services are easy to use and pretty much replace SMS if you have 3G or 4G.

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