Best Password Managers That Keeps Your Passwords Safe

Sometimes it is very hard to remember all your passwords. Most people have a lot of different internet accounts and email accounts with slightly different passwords (for security reasons). Of course remember all these passwords often becomes a problem and often you need to make a new account if you haven’t logged in to a site in a long time, and you forgot your password. Luckily there are internet services for everything now, and so there are also a couple of good password managers that help you remember your passwords, manage them, and create super-secure passwords. We listed 4 of the best password managers, check them out below:

1. Lastpass

Lastpass password manager
Lastpass is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about password managers and it may even be the only password manager that you have ever heard of. Surprisingly, Lastpass is not the first password manager, IPassword, Keepass and RoboForm came first. Lastpass is pretty easy to use and it can be used on almost every operating system (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc). Lastpass is an extension on the browser so you may have to give permission for it to run. Lastpass helps you create complex passwords, automatically fills out forms and permits the sharing of passwords via the internet. Lastpass is free for the desktop, and there is also a Lastpass version for Android which costs $12 a year.

2. RoboForm

RoboForm password manager
This password manager is especially good for families because it allows you to have multiple profiles and you can use different addresses and pseudonyms. Roboform has multiple functions as it secures your credit card and personal information and of course your password, but it only saves it to your computer and it doesn’t transfer data to the cloud. One thing that kind of sucks about Roboform is that you have to enter all your usernames, passwords and all your other information to log into different websites and it does not fill out forms automatically. There is a regular Roboform for the desktop which costs $29.95 (with a free 30-day trial). There is a RoboForm Everywhere for $9.95 a year (this version allows you to run Roboform on as many computers as you want) and there is a RoboForm2Go, a USB drive that can used on upto three USB keys. This costs $39.95.

3. SplashID Safe

SplashID Safe password manager
SplashID Safe is probably the best-selling password manager, as it has over a million users. This password managers focuses on mobile phones and can be used on a lot of different smartphone operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc, but it also has a desktop version for Windows and Mac. One thing that makes SplashID Safe easy to use is that it doesn’t require any kind of installation, but it sends you a 4-GB key-shaped USB advice for $29.95 that you can plug into any computer. Once you enter your password Splash ID Safe launches your data. Another pro that Splash ID has is that you can buy the desktop version and the mobile version separately but if you choose to buy both of them they can sync with each other.

4. KeePass

KeePass password manager
KeePass is an open source app and it is strictly for computer geeks that know their way around a computer. When you install KeePass a wizard comes up and asks you where you wish to install your database. The database on KeePass is easily portable and you can transfer it a USB drive and then connect it to any other PC. The data that you enter into KeePass are secured by 25-bit Blow fish and AES encryption and you can also choose to store your data in a cloud provider. You can sync all your info from mobile and desktop apps to Google Drive or Drop Box. It is also one of few free password managers and it is available for a lot of different operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Blackberry. KeePass is free but it does accept donations.

It is hard to keep all your passwords in one place, and when you write everything down on notes you might lose them or they may fall into the wrong hands. Hopefully you will be able to pick the right password manager from the list that we provided and if you know any other great, reliable password manager that you want to recommend, please tell us in the comment section below.

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