Best Software To Find Competitors Backlinks


Creating decent backlinks an important part of search engine optimization and to get better ranks on search engines, it’s better to get banklinks from your competitors’ backlink source. To find competitor backlinks for your new SEO plan I want to share a great software: link-assistant SEO SpyGlass. It detects almost all backlinks of your competitors site.


SEO SpyGlass create huge links with a lot of external factors, like PageRank, Alexa rank, anchor text and other factors that help to build better rankings in modern search engines. Some other features are that you can check unlimited links plus you can save as CSV (Spreadsheet) format that can help to create a better plan for you website SEO. Link-assistant SEO spyglass is available in almost all top OS’ like Windows, Linux and Mac and we can download it for free with limited features for trial.


I hope this article will be helpful for you. So I recommend their trial version for free from their download link here and to find some other helpful SEO Tips from hqtips try here.

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