Best Software To Remotely Access Another Computer

If you are accessing another computer for fun or to help someone it may be easy to control his or her PC so I want to share a cool free software, teamviewer that requires only a few steps to access anyone’s PC.


Teamviewer is a decent premium software that allows to remote PC, and allows someone to view your desktop for presentation and you can do a few other cool things like file sharing viop voice and video call. To access someone’s PC you need to install teamviewer on both PC’s and select non commercial use for free usage. After Installation both PC’s will have random IDs and password that need to connect and remote PC.

I hope this article will help to solve your problem. A great thing about Teamviewer is that you can download their app on Android, Phone and on other top gadgets and can view your PC from everywhere. For more documentation and help you can check here.If you want to know some other PC tips and information then go here.


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