Best Way To Find Your Friends and Family On iPhone

If you are always trying to keep in touch with your friends and family, and have an iPhone, the Find My Friends app is perfect for you. It allows you to locate your friends from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, via Google maps.

You can sign in with your Apple ID (the same that you use for iCloud). If you want to add a friend you just sent them a request and once they accept it you can see their location. You can also just share your location with a group of friends for a limited time, like if you are on vacation with a group of friends, and split up for a few hours. There is also the option of hiding your location. And if you are a parent who is often concerned about their kids getting to school and back home okay, the app is also perfect for you. Especially if you have iOS 6 because the app has location-based alerts, so that you can get a notification when your kid is in school or at home. The app is free, supports many languages and requires iOS 5 or higher and an iCloud account.

Find My Friends

An app that is similar to Find My Friends is Google Latitude. It is a very popular app, originally only for Android but now also available on every iOS device. You can see your friends on a map, send them directions, text, email or call, view your location history and send your location to others. You can also use Google Latitude on your computer if you go to to see where your friends are.

With these two apps it should be easy for you to find your friends at any time, and they both have the option to hide your location, which protects your privacy.

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