Best Ways To Fix A Cracked iPhone Screen

In a horror movie the most terrifying noise that you might hear is the cracking of someone’s bones, but in real life the most obnoxious sound will probably come right after you dropped your iPhone screen and it cracks. A poll from the company tells us that more than a quarter of all iPhone screens are broken, so if yours has a crack or two in it, don’t feel to bad about it. iPhone screens are made of a delicate touchscreen glass that is easy to break. If you drop it on the right corner a crack can easily appear. You have a few options, but all of them will cost you money and all of them have their pros and cons. Check them out below:

1. To The Apple Store

Apple Store
If you have AppleCareĀ  this option is best for you. The biggest pro is that it will not void your warranty like all the options below will, so if your phone breaks down later through no fault of your own you will still get a new one. The Apple Store charges $49 dollars to replace your screen if you have AppleCare (which on itself already costs $99 up front). If you don’t have AppleCareĀ  it will cost you between $150 and $200 bucks. However, if you have it done at the Apple Store you know that your phone was in good hands and you will still have your warranty.

2. To The Mall

If you have already voided the warranty of your iPhone or if you are willing to take a risk, heaving someone repair it for you can be cheap. When I had a crack in my screen I took it to the mall and had it fixed in a little cellphone store. They charged me $60 dollars (for one crack, across the screen) and after a few hours it was done. However, you should always be careful with this option because of the third-party parts that will probably be used in the replacement. They are a lot cheaper but may also mess up your phone (for instance, your phone could respond slower to your touch after adding the third-party screen).

3. Go Online

iPhone Screen Repair Kit
For as low as $20 you can already get your own screen repair kit, but the materials are questionable and a lot of people selling these kits on eBay are scam artists. You can also buy the screen from Apple but that will cost you more than your time is worth. The do-it-yourself kit is only suitable for iPhone geeks that are good at fixing things and if you are not technical, don’t even bother trying, because you do not only have to replace your screen but also the whole construction, as the glass is attached to the iPhone’s body. Needless to say that your warranty is a whole new level of voided if you choose to carry out this operation. The repair kits usually come with instructions but if they don’t, you will have to look up a tutorial on YouTube.

Hopefully these options are helpful to you. Walking around with a cracked iPhone can be annoying and it makes your experience a lot less pleasant than when you feel like you are handling a new device. Like I said, I had my iPhone 5 screen fixed at the local mall but if I could do it over I would save up money and take it to the Apple Store instead because my phone was never the same after I had it fixed. However, lots of people are good at their job and won’t mess up your phone.

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