Candy Crush Saga Tips, Tricks And Cheats

Candy crush saga is one of top gaming app of last year and one of most addicting puzzle game that have more then 500 levels and even more are coming. Players are so addictive and some of them use lot of bucks to buy boosters and lot of them play many hours daily. You might be new to candy crush or already played lot of levels and still need some more help then check some tips to complete hard levels and get free boosters and lives.

Candy Crush Saga

Levels strategy tips

There are lot of levels with different requirements and need different planning but few strategies that always help to clear level with more score and without loosing lives.

First break blockers

First you should always try to break blockers like meringue blocks, grills and chocolates. Chocolates increase automatically and that could waste your moves so you need to break all of them. As you will break all blockers you have more candies to play for remaining moves that will give more chance to make special candies and ingredients wont stuck on grill or meringue block in ingredients levels.

Use special candies

You should always try to make special candies instead of using moves on combining three normal candies. You can make some special candies like striped candy that you can get by combining four same color candies or wrapped candy by making T or L shape or the colorbomb by combing five same color candies.

Special Candies

You could also make special combos by combing special candies to each other like combing striped candy with wrapped candy will break three rows and columns and combining colorbomb with striped candy will convert all same color candies to striped candy or you could try other combination.

Play more from bottom

You should always try to play from candies on the bottom of the table or else if you don’t have choice or have chance to make special candies. Breaking candies on the bottom shuffle candies from top to bottom that open more options plus usually break candies automatically around the table.

Some extra tips

You shouldn’t combine special candies to each other on time requirement levels as it take more time per move and try to combine with normal candies plus break time bonus candies as soon as possible. You should always remember to balance the Odus owl in dreamworld level and try to play till last move because might be if you have good luck you could get any special candy that might automatically break candies that will help to break remaining jellies or could take ingredients to the bottom of  the table.

Free lives cheats and tips

Lives are necessary if you playing whole day and want to complete the level before you friends or want to see next level. If you playing candy crush on iPhone or on any other smartphone then just set you phone clock little ahead then you will get free life. If you on Facebook then make some new Facebook profiles and send free lives ever day to your original profile.

I hope you will like all tips and tricks that will help to clear more levels plus there are lot of website that share tips with all levels guide like candy crush mom and you can get app from here. If you have any cool tips then share to us.

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