Compress And Extract Any Archive Format From Free B1 Android App

Archive files like zip and rar are always easy way to compress and share whole folder or files with less memory usage. Its one of common format in windows and now available with lot of features and formats free on android with b1 app.

B1 Free Zip And Rar Archive App

B1 is one of cool archive app that support more then 35 formats like some of them are rar, zip, tz, bz and b1. Some of big features of this apps are that you can open any zip file with password, can browse through folder and can extract any folder or file out of them. Its easy to use and you can compress any file or folder with or without password by zip or b1 format. B1 is available on lot of languages and you can even contribute for any of your language translation.

I hope you will like this app and will use on your android phone. There are lot of other zip, rar and archive apps like AndroZip and WinZip but B1 look best out of them so open this link to get this app or if you need other app suggestions then check here.

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