Control How Others Use Your PDFs with Able2Extract PDF Converter 9

We are well aware of the Internet’s far-reaching positive effects on business productivity, but unfortunately, many people also experienced the negative aspects of digital file transfer and sharing.

Some of the biggest threats on the Internet for companies, business professionals and other Internet users are the dangers of being robbed, framed, or manipulated in a similar way. And the most common way to commit frauds online is by manipulating other people’s sensitive documents and information.

So, while most of us enjoy the benefits of the quick and easy electronic file sharing, we are also hesitant about transmitting confidential financial reports, legal contracts, project and ideas that someone might appropriate.

The latest version of Investintech’s Able2Extract PDF Converter introduces new options for creating and securing PDF files that allow businesses and individuals to protect their files from accidental or malicious document manipulation.

Here’s how users can quickly create and secure their sensitive files:

1. To create a PDF file from a document you want to protect, click Create on the toolbar:


Or go to File and choose Create PDF:


The document will display in Able2Extract application.

2. Click on View – PDF Creation Options:


3. You’ll be presented with PDF Creation Options, where you’ll choose Security:


4. Click on Secure PDF and you’ll be able to set User and Owner passwords in order to apply file permissions:


This will allow you to control who can print, copy, modify, add comments, fill out forms, etc. in your business documents.

With these quick and easy-to-use novelty features, Able2Extract 9 became a full-featured PDF solution that can come handy to business professionals and anyone else who uses different file formats and needs a powerful tool to help them with productivity and document management.

“Old” Able2Extract conversion features are enhanced as well in the latest release, so users can accurately convert from PDF to: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, HTML, etc.

To control how others user your documents, and to try out more options by Able2Extract, install the tool’s trial version that you can use for free for 7 days.

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