Cool iPhone 4 & 4s Cases For Boys

Nowadays, younger kids have smartphones already. iPhone’s aren’t necessarily the cheapest phones, but many kids get their parent’s old phones once they get new ones.Kids show off their smartphones at school, and if the right case can make their iPhone the coolest of the classroom. If you have an upcoming birthday of your younger brother, small cousin or friend’s son, an iPhone case could be a cool and affordable gift. I have collected a few of the coolest iPhone 4 and 4S cases for boys right here.

Gameboy Case

iphone 4 gameboy case
Every boy is a gameboy. Order this cool silicone gamers case for the boy next door and he will love it.

Cassette tape case

iphone 4 Casette tape
Retro is the new hip (hasn’t it always been?). Teenagers will love this retro cassette tape iPhone case.

Monkey case

iphone monkey Case
This monkey iPhone case is especially fun for younger boys. It is incredibly cute, but not too cute, if you get what I mean.

Cool bro case

iPhone Cool Bro Case
Mustaches are in these days. And so is the old fashioned slang word ‘cool bro’. And this black iPhone case is very cool, bro.

Elmo Case

iPhone elmo Case
Sesame street is cool for the little ones, but older kids and even adults will love Elmo again when they see this iPhone case.

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