Creating A Bootable Windows 7 USB

Using data on USB is faster and much more beneficial than keeping it stored on any sort of disc.Some portable laptops don’t even have a DVD-input, which is very inconvenient in case you have no other option than to reinstall your lost data from a USB. And what if you have lost your original Windows DVD or thrown it away, thinking it wouldn’t be of use to you anymore?

From the Windows7 USB/DVD download tool we can make USB and DVD Windows 7 bootable from ISO image. It is not hard and it doesn’t require any CMD Commands. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Make an ISO image of Windows DVD. You can do this software or you can download Windows ISO Image directly off the internet. You can download the original ISO from here (but keep in mind that your original Windows keys will be asked from you after the installation has completed).
  2. Download Tool and Install it on PC.It may Required Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Image Mastering API v2 if you installing on Windows XP.
  3. Select ISO source File which made it previously.
  4. Then Choose USB or DVD which should have at least 4gb.
  5. *Note you Should have USB backup before making an Image on USB because it will Erase all file and will make a New format and later you can copy your Important Files which wont effect Window.
  6. For Booting Windows 7 USB your motherboard Bios Should Support USB if don’t then just plugin USB and install it Directly From your Previous Windows My Computer.
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