CrowdFundFusion: An All In One CrowdFunding Place To Find Projects From Top Sites

Crowdfunding through websites like Kickstarter has become extremely popular over the past few year, and it has become a lot easier for beginners to gain financial support from investors, for creative and innovative projects. As we know, recently a lot of success has been gained, for example, by the Pebble; a smartwatch for Android and iOS, which was initially crowdfunded.


Through the website CrowdFundFusion you can find many projects that are listed on a couple or great websites like Indiegogo, Rockethub and Kickstarter. CrowdfundFusion works as a crowdfunding directory, and if you are thinking about investing your money, you can view all the projects of the top websites in different groups and categories. Not only is CrowdFundFusion a great way to find projects that you would want to invest in, you are also able to submit your own project on the website, and if you pay a fee your project will get extra promotion. This is definitely a way to get a lot of backers behind you, because CrowdFundFusion gets many visitors a day.

The good thing about this website is that it has user friendly navigation and trending, soon-ending projects. So make sure to try CrowdFundFusion and if you want to submit your project, check this link. If you have any other great Crowdfunding website, please share it.

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