Know How Much Data Your Favorite Apps Consume With Know My App

Even though a lot of people have limitless data on their smartphones, it can still be very expensive, so many people opt for a limited amount of data that they pay for each month. However, it is easy to exceed that data limit, and for those that are unfortunate enough to go over it without noticing, it costs a lot of money. It would be a lot easier if you could see which apps cost you the most data, so that you can limit your use of those apps for when you have WiFi, or for when it’s absolutely necessary. And luckily, there is now a website for that: Know My App.

 Know My App Data Consumption is a website that way set up by CTIA, a wireless trade group, that represents the international wireless telecommunications industry. With you can find out exactly which apps use the most data. CTIA received help from an independent app testing company, called Interek, and they calculated how much data each app consumed. Needless to say that the results that you can find on the website are estimates, and not personalized or official data usages released by the app’s developers. However, the estimates are not far off and can be very helpful.

When you go to you get a few options. One is to view the ratings of popular apps, and other option include browsing through iOS and Android apps. Users can also search for a specific app or game with the search option on the site. Once you click on an app you see how much data it consumes. As you might expect, apps that use the most data are apps that stream videos, such as YouTube and apps that allow users to upload videos and pictures, such as Instagram. But there are a few apps that you might not be sure about, and you can search them.

There are not a whole lot of apps that the website tested yet, but in the future we expect most apps to be featured on the website.

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