Dropbox Targets Businesses With New Service

Dropbox, the popular file hosting service with over 200 million users has announced a new version of their service is coming out, that focuses on businesses. ‘Dropbox for Business’ will be able to save business as well as personal files, but separate them, so that users can easily distinguish between the two. Dropbox already has 4 million businesses as clients, so it is only logical that they are coming up with a work storage-saving service.

Dropbox Business

Of course it is already possible to store business files on your Dropbox account, but the problem is that users are only able to use one Dropbox account at a time from one app: that means that if you have to have a work-only Dropbox from your boss, you can’t also have one for personal use. The new update, however, will make it possible to combine both business and personal Dropbox accounts. With the new release, it will be possible to select ‘personal’ to view personal files, ‘business’ to view business files, or ‘everything’, to view all your files. It will also be possible to only receive notifications from one of your accounts, if that’s what you want.

Meanwhile it will still be possible to share documents, photos and other files with co-workers, only with the new release Dropbox will come with better security measurements. For instance, employers will be able to view and withdraw data from the Dropbox accounts of employees, and teams can block the sharing of private files with users that are not in the team.

Users that already have two accounts can combine them in the newest version of Dropbox, and don’t need to worry about the price: Dropbox will still cost $125 per year, per person, and $795 a year for five people.

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