Easy Way To Add Floating Social Share Bar In WordPress


Social media sites are very popular now and some of the top sites like Facebook have more than a billion users, so currently it’s a useful source for web designers and bloggers to get some extra traffic for their website. To socialize your post effectively I want to share a great plugin Floating Social Share Bar that will help to add a simple beautiful horizontal bar easily to your post.

To install floating social media bar first you need to download it from here or install it from the ‘Add New’ plugin option on your WordPress.
To manage the settings of this plugin you need to go to the ‘Settings’ tab on WordPress and open ‘Floating Social Bar’ option. Some common settings you might need is to drag the social media service icon to ‘Enabled Social Services’ bar. You also need to check Post , Pages or Media options to add the social bar automatically or if you want to add it manually to any specific place you can use this code ‘<?php if ( function_exists( ‘floating_social_bar’ ) ) floating_social_bar( array( ‘facebook’ => true, ‘twitter’ => true ) ); ?>’ through theme editor

Some great features of this plugin you might find is it loads way faster than other plugins and it has a built in cache system which could help to reduce page loading time and it won’t need any Facebook app setting to install it on your blog.

I hope you think this article will be helpful for you and a useful thing you might find is the floating option in this plugin which will increase the share of your post to the number of time so try this Best Social Media Plugin by WPbeginner and if you wanna know some other awesome WordPress tips by Hqtips then check here.

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