Easy Way To Add Rich Snippets In WordPress

Rich Snippets is an advanced addition to search engine, that allows web masters to customize their search results in a few top search engines like Google and Bing. Well, you might not be a pro developer so I want to share some top plugins that could help to insert rich snippets easily into your WordPress website.

Microdata for SEO by Optimum7.com

optimum7 plugin
Microdata is a format that is supported by Google rich snippet and optimum7 plugin is a great plugin that helps to insert different types of rich snippet like event, product, person and reviews.

Schema Creator by Raven

schema creator
Schema Creator is similar to plugin by optimum7 but uses a slightly different coding with the same option to customize your search result for any event or reviews, etc.

Author rich snippets

author snippet
Author rich snippet is a snippet that is used by many bloggers and you can find author images with their Google plus profile in search results. To add author snippet you need to create your own Google plus profile and add contribution of your site link in your about page.

Rating snippet

Rating snippet can be easily integrated with the GD Start Rating plugin that comes with lots of options to customize your ratings in your WordPress site plus your search engine results. Rating snippet could add some value to your website plus increase clicks from search engine.

I shared these few easy techniques to add different types of rich snippets to your WordPress site. You can make your own custom code for your website with the help of Google rich snippet help from here and for other WordPress tips check here

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