Extended Batteries For iPhone 5

The latest Apple brilliant iPhone 5 hit the market recently and it showed lots of improvement in their hardware but still it’s lacking on battery life as other smartphones but some tech geeks try to solve it by making some extending batteries with nice cases. So I wanna share some best extended batteries with top style case.

1. Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5 Battery Case

Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5 Battery Case
Lenmar is one elegant tech company and their innovative Meridian iPhone 5 Battery Case is one of the coolest products. It helps to double battery life for iPhone 5 plus the rubber extended battery case is also stylish that 3 decent colors and helps to protect and maximize the entertainment for iPhone. The few details of that product is it adds 2300mAh to battery time, comes with Rubberized Black, Metallic Red, Glossy White and it has a single year warranty.

2. Mophie juice pack helium – iPhone 5

Mophie juice pack helium -iPhone-5Mophie provide lots of battery solutions for different gadgets and their juice pack is one of top products. It adds 1500maAH to battery that is little less than the lenmar case but still they have nice styled cases that look cool from front but from back the curve style looks a little bit weird but still it protects the phone and their colors are beautiful and still it could solve your battery problem.

3. TYL Energi Power Case

TYL Energi Power CaseAs we know that tyl have some cool cases for iPhone and soon they wanna make Energi Power Case that can add 2500mAh battery. Their case is a little heavy plus colorful might look cool but won’t suit to some people who prefer simple style. The plus point for this extended battery is it support micro-usb for charging. It is still not available yet for more detail you can refer to their official site.

4. uNu DX Protective Battery Case for iPhone 5

uNu DX Protective Batter -Case for iPhone 5

It’s one of top sold uNu product as it’s cheaper then all above and add 25oomAh battery. This battery case is also little thick but it’s curved from back still look cool. It adds some extra future like it better and loud sound quality plus they also give free screen protector and it also support micro-usb charger pin.

5. Incipio off GRID Pro iPhone 5

Incipio offGRID Pro iPhone 5Incipio wins 4 ilounge CES award in 2013 because of their battery and waterproof cases for iPhone 5. It is one of stylish extended battery with case but still it’s not available on their official website but can buy from amazon or from eBay. It adds 2000mAH battery plus it’s Polycarbonate with lots of colors available in market.

All above extended batteries are ranked with their battery life and style that might help to choose what looks best to you. I recommend you buy lenmar or mophie extended battery as it is reliable and liked by many reviewers.

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