Facebook Now Allows You To Post Images And Previews Of Websites In Comments


Facebook likes to make small new updates, and although they are not usually the ones that people are asking for (what people are asking for is usually a clearer privacy policy and privacy options), but they can be fun.

One new update of Facebook is that when you post a link to a comment people can see a preview of the website. Previously you just had to click it and hope that it didn’t contain a virus or spam, but now you can preview the content of the website and decide whether you still want to click on it or not. Also, URLs that contain a video now show a preview of the video.

Another update is that you can upload pictures into comments, an option that people gladly make use of on funny pages, by responding to posts with memes. Unfortunately, you cannot add GIFs (yet).

The photo commenting update isn’t available to everyone just yet: you can see if you have the ability to add photos by searching for the camera icon in the comment section. However, product engineer Bob Baldwin, who created the option, says that it will soon be available to everyone.

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