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What makes Facebook Facebook and what makes Twitter Twitter? We all know that these two media are similar but very different too in a way. Many people combine Facebook and Twitter, since both media offer that opportunity. We may use Facebook as well as Twitter, but why? Because they have different plusses. Here is a list of pros of Twitter and of Facebook.


  • Easy to navigate. It is easier to distinguish pictures, videos and text on Facebook. Sharing of pictures is also easier and more done on Facebook.
  • Less spam. Short Tweets make it easy for people to spam in between fun or business posts. Facebook doesn’t really have that problem.
  • Long posts. Tweets are short but on Facebook you can post long rants and creative texts.
  • You can share more information and have discussions on different pages with other users. You don’t have to like the page or follow anyone.


  • Very easy to use. Your privacy settings are easy to find and you can connect in a simple way.
  • More privacy, and Twitter doesn’t keep changing its policy like Facebook does.
  • You can follow celebrities and send them Tweets. Some people are lucky enough to get a Tweet back.

I hope this is helpful. Facebook and Twitter have different benefits. I only listed the most important ones.

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