Facebook’s Main Privacy Settings

Your privacy matters and it is important to be aware of what details you are sharing on social media. That’s why I have listed a couple of important privacy settings on Facebook:

  •  On ‘Privacy settings’ you can control every aspect of your timeline. Here you can manage who can view your timeline and what shows up on there.
  • The ‘costum’ setting allows you to select a list of people that can not view your status, pictures or timeline, and you can also choose to select a few ‘chosen people’ who can view something.
  •  If you go to ‘timeline and tagging’ you will see the option to review a post that you are tagged in before it appears on your timeline. Your friend tagged you in a picture that was taken at a night club on the day you called in sick at work? No problem, you will be notified first before it shoes up on your timeline. Unfortunately it does still show on your friend’s timeline. So be aware of that.
  •  ‘Who can look you up?’. Manage who can look you up under your email adres, phone number, or by name. Set this to ‘everyone’, ‘friends’ or ‘friends of friends’.

I hope this was useful to you. These are the main privacy settings. It’s very important to be aware of what we share and with whom we share it.

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