Feedly: The Best Alternative For Google Reader So Far

Google Reader is shutting down in almost two months so we still have the chance to find an alternative to reduce the risk of losing our favorite bookmarks. Lots of new alternatives are now on the internet and many of them provide free transfers to their products so I tried to search a top alternative that matches Google reader. I found Feedly: a great app that can fulfill your need of Google reader.
feedlyFeedly launched in 2008 and later in 2011 it was one of the top smartphone apps according to Time Magazine. It’s now more popular due to the closing of Google reader. Feedly is very flexible because it has apps for all smart phones  like Android and iPhone and their extension also available on Google chrome and in Firefox. It has almost the same desktop interference as Google Reader and it is a fast app in use.
I hope you will find that app helpful. I feel it is one of the best alternatives for feeds and if you know any better alternative app you can share them to us now too.

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