Flappy Is Bird Still Alive On Windows Phone Store

Flappy bird made a big hit on app stores but last night it was pull out by the developer from android Google play store and iTunes because he couldn’t handle the pressure. Finally their is good news for windows phone users as they still can download flappy bird from the windows store and other smartphone users might need to buy windows phone to play flappy bird.

Flappy Bird Windows Phone

Flappy bird is a strategy game that require you to balance the bird and its really hard game as bird fall easily. You might need to focus much and its hard to find who is your enemy and etc but still it made crazy to lot of people. If you want to try on your windows phone then download it from here and you should have windows 7.5 or above. We don’t know its officially by the original developer Dong Nguyen or not as the publisher name is IG Mobile but its available on official windows store. Who cares its fake or not so download it fast before it might get remove.

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