Fun and Educational Websites For Little Kids

Five awesome and appropriate educational and fun websites for kids Many parents question whether the internet is an appropriate place for their toddlers to be or not. Some websites out their are designed for children. Smaller kids can even make good use of the internet and learn a lot from it, as long as they go on the right websites. Use this small guide of five (educational) websites for little kids to find appropriate websites for your children:

    All your kid’s favorite PBS characters meet: Elmo, the Cat in the Hat and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Children can play educational games and watch PBS shows on the website.
    Nickjr is Nickelodeon’s website for younger kids. It has fun competitions, educational games (for example, learn Spanish with Dora the Explorer), recipes, videos and more.
    National Geographic Little Kids has a lot of cool information on biology and educational videos and games about animals. Perfect for little scientists to be.
    This site was designed to teach kids to read. It has lots of different stories that are appealing to kids, such as Greek myths, Chinese fables and simple comics.
    In order to create little chefs you must go to spatulatta. The site offers recipes and cooking tips for children. Kids love to bake, so let’s get the best out of it.

Hopefully this guide was helpful to you in finding a website that your kid might enjoy. Some of them are even enjoyable for grown ups and it doesn’t have to be boring to search the web together with your kid.


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