5 Great Apps For Making GIFs

GIFs are popular animations: you find them a lot on message boards, blogs, and on artistic websites. Some GIFs become so popular that they circulate the internet for years, appearing everywhere with slight variations. GIFs are usually funny or political, and they are used for all kinds of purposes: to make people laugh, to give an instruction or to demonstrate something that you don’t have the words for. It used to be a little harder to make GIFs and it was mostly done on Facebook. However, there are a lot of apps for making GIFs now, and anybody can make one. All you need is inspiration, a couple of images or a video and one of the five apps listed below:


1. Cinemagram

This has been the most popular GIF making app for a long time. It comes with a tutorial and it is easy to use. You just capture up to 6 seconds of video and select areas where you want to insert effects. You can also speedup or slow down the video, and choose from a variety of filters. You can share your GIFs via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

2. Giffer Pro

The app costs $3.99, so it is not the least expensive option. However, it offers quite a few more features than standard free or cheap GIF-makers. Giffer Pro is suitable for making all kinds of GIFs, from cat GIFs to reaction GIFs to text overlay GIFs. The app has over 25 filters and offers several fonts and precise frame positioning.

3. Flixel

Flixel is another popular GIF-making app for iOS, only they call GIFs ‘cinemagraphs’ (living photos). It is easy to make a GIF with this app: you hold and capture a short scene and paint over areas that you would like to animate. You can then share your GIFs on social media. You can also share your GIF on Flixel.com, which is a game-making library.

4. Gifinator

This GIF-maker for Android works pretty easy: you touch the screen to take pictures, tweak your animations and share your GIFs via social media or email.

5. GIFBoom

With GIFBoom you can make GIFs in a couple of different ways: you can do it with photos from your photo library, or with videos of up to 60 seconds. You can then share your GIFs through a couple of different social networks. GIFBoom has a lot of features: speed your GIFs up or slow them down, add fitter texts to GIFs or photos, crop & rotate and many others.

6. Moquu

Although Moquu is also available for iOS, the app is originally a GIF maker for Windows Phone users. You can shoot and edit photo sequences, share your GIFs via social media, manage your GIFs in folders, use multi-layered effects, and more. Moque works with front and rear-facing camera.

7. Loopcam

Loopcam is a very easy to use GIF maker, that anyone can use to create animated GIFs. It has many fun features that you don’t find on many other GIF-makers, such as a photo booth mirror and kaleidoscope effects. You can also attach hats and glasses to your pictures. Loopcam is only available for iOS right now.

These are seven popular GIF-makers for a couple of different platforms. If you have another GIF-maker app or maybe a website that you like to create your GIFs with, please let us know.

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