Google Android 4.3 Jelly Bean New Features And Improvements

Google recently updated one of their well known mobile OS’, Android, with some new awesome features for smartphone geeks. Well, Android is an open source free OS by Google and it’s currently used by the highest number of smartphone users and as we know it’s the default OS of some remarkable  phones like Samsung Galaxy. Android became a hit after the Gingerbread 2.3 update and now 4.3 has just been released with some new updates that I’m going to share Below.

4.3 Jelly Bean Android

OpenGL ES 3.0

android gaming

It’s a great update for gamers as Opengl is an m innovative gaming engine so the newest Opengl 3.0 is going to improve graphic and will optimize the gaming performance.

Multi User Support

Android multi-user support
Google finally integrated multi-user support in Android as in Microsoft Windows  so now we can share tablets with family and friends and can restrict apps and permissions for guest or kids. There will be one master user with all permissions that can create extra restricted profiles but I think it won’t be that much useful as one usually shares their Smartphones.

New Camera App

New Android added some new features and options that we could previously find on HTC One and S4 but now it’s available for all Android devices that can support jellybean 4.3.

Smart Bluetooth

SmartBluetooth is supported by Microsoft and Apple and now it’s finally available for Android users so now they can use some innovative, addons and gadgets like Fitness tracker, Smart Watches, etc.

Android Beam

android beam
Android Beam enables to share and stream videos, pictures and web pages between users as with single tabs on NFC enabled devices, the same as Airdrop and Samsung Galaxy Buddy Share.

Android 4.3 didn’t come with any big innovative feature but improved some of their features and other than the 5 things that I shared they improved phone dialing and also keyboard writing, plus according to some developers it’s more fast for duel core tablets and also the battery timing is increased.

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