Google Helpouts Promises Live Help From Experts Via Video

Google has launched a unique service, Google Helpouts, on which you can get help from experts, live and via video. Sometimes when you are doing something, or when you just need a little help, it is just easier Google Helpoutsto get it live than to look up information that you can find on the internet. Google Helpouts already has a 1000 experts, with knowledge of different subjects. The experts of Helpout get paid by the people that they help.

Google Helpouts

Ironically, YouTube is Google Helpouts’s biggest competitor, because of all the tutorial videos that can be found on there. But the only real advantage that YouTube has over Helpouts is that it’s free. If you want to know if you are using the right exercise techniques, or if you are stuck somewhere in Photoshop, a tutorial video might be helpful, but you have to be lucky. The video containing the exact thing that you are looking for already has to be online, and of course the biggest problem is that it is one-sided communication: no one is there to give you feedback.

This is very different with Google Helpouts: you can basically hire experts to help you out or give you advice on anything: teaching, playing the guitar, learning a language, exercising, cooking, you name it. With Google Helpouts you actually get a chance to converse with an expert, live, which saves you the trouble of going out to look for them in real life. Another things that you can do on Google Helpouts is share your computer screen, so that when you have a problem with your computer, the expert can actually give you a hand.

On Google Helpouts you can schedule sessions with people, or you can try and see if they are available right when you need them. You then pay them a fee (whatever they ask, usually per minute or per session), and use your appointment to learn as much as you can. The good thing is that Google has a policy that allows you to ask your money back if you are not satisfied with the service.

This service sounds very promising, and it is surprising that it has not been invented already years ago. If you want to run your own Google Helpouts, you need to be invited by Google first. This policy will probably change in the future, but for now you can request an invitation on the website.

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