Handy Tips For People With An Iphone3gs

Well, I’m guessing that when you open this article and learn that I have an Iphone, you will think that I have an Iphone 4 or an Iphone 5 perhaps. This is not the case, however. I have an Iphone3. Not even 3GS. Just 3. And I’m happy with it. It’s great.

Although some may claim thata self-destruct mechanism was built into the original Iphones,┬áso that people will be forced to buy the latest one after a few years, my phone works just fine. And when I say just fine, I mean that it isn’t as fast as it was when I bought it anymore, but that’s probably normal. Phones get older, and eventually it will take a lightyear at least to open Word Feud or Nimbuzz, despite your protecting cover and the way you have been placing it on your nightcabin every single day, as if it were the Holy Bible, for the two years you have owned it.

And of course, I am not at all angry at the Iphone company, for allowing apps to require higher Ios resolutions suddenly, and deleting apps like Skype overnight because the Iphone 3 isn’t able to run it anymore. So yeah, the Iphone 3 is a bit like a Neanderthaler to a Cro Magnon Iphone 4 and a Homo Sapiens Iphone 5, but that doesn’t matter. It can still do a lot. A limited lot. More than a Homo Erectus Motorola Phone and certainly a lot more than an Australopithecus Nokia. Good old Iphone 3b.C.

I am not here to talk about my Iphone, I am here to give you some advice. First of all, save up money for an Iphone4. And second of all, I have collected some usefull Apps that support Iphone3. I hope this helps:

  1. After Skype disappeared overnight I panicked. But I found some alternatives. My favorite is Nimbuzz. It’s MSN messenger, Facebook Messenger, Gmail and an alternative messenger at once. Nimbuzz allows you to call people from your contact list for free easily (this is basically an MSN voice-call from your phone) and you can also buy credit to call mobile phones. It is even cheaper to call abroad with Nimbuzz than it is with Skype! So Nimbuzz is kind of the primitive little brother of Skype: it allows you to message, call and call mobile phones, but it doesn’t have a video option and the quality of the calls isn’t as good as it is with Skype.
  2. If you have an old version of Iphone you have to download an app and run it in the background in order to use your Ipod as an alarm clock. This sucks, and often doesn’t work. My advice is to download Iwake.

So far only two tips, but please keep checking, because I will update this article very soon.

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