Hate With Friends: Find Out Which Of Your Facebook Friends Hate You

There are probably a couple of people that you strongly dislike, or even hate, and some of those people may even be your friend on Facebook. Chances are that there are people who hate you as well (be it for no good reason. With the new app ‘Hate With Friends’ you can find out which one of your Facebook friends hate you, and with this new knowledge you can unfriend them or plan revenge. This is not a joke!

hate friend facebook

This is how it works: you go to www.Hatewithfriends.com and log in with your Facebook profile. You then see an overview of all your friends, and under each friend you will find a button that says ‘Hate her’ or ‘Hate him’. Once you click on it, nothing happens unless if the other person ‘hated’ you as well. Granted, it is not a very positive way to spend your time, but at least you can sort out all of the people that you don’t like and that don’t like you this way.

A lot of people are hoping that Facebook will install an ‘unlike’ button with which we can give items on Facebook a thumbs down, it is now possible to unlike your friends. The app sounds more like it is for fun, and not so much like it is to be taken all to seriously. If you hate someone you can always click ‘Don’t hate him’ or ‘Don’t hate her’, but there is a chance that your friend will still find out about it, if they hate you too.

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