HopTo: An Alternative To Microsoft Office For The iPad

iPad users from all over the world have been awaiting a version of Microsoft Office for the iPad. Although it is very likely that Microsoft will eventually come up with it, it may take a long time before it is created, launched and ready to use. Luckily, the new, free iPad app that is released on Thursday, HopTo, can be seen as an alternative to Word in many ways.

HopTo Microsoft Alternative

Over the years there have been a lot of apps for iPad that try to replace the need for Microsoft Office, but all of them have been relatively unsuccessful. They were either too slow and unresponsive or they simply didn’t live up to all the expectations. This has left a lot of iPad users suspicious about such apps, because they were often let down after having to pay a monthly fee, or a high price for the app. iWork, Apple’s own office suite, is the most celebrated office suite for the iPad at the moment, but it is far from perfect, and misses some vital features.

HopTo seems to be very promising: users will be able to create Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, as well as edit existing ones. PowerPoint presentations will only be able to be viewed on the first version of HopTo, but this will probably change in a later version. HopTo’s interface is clean and professional, which already makes it a lot different from the previously created office suites for iPad, which usually had sloppy interfaces where the basic features were buried under a layer of ads and other features.

The app allows you to view all kinds of files: TIFs, JPGs, PNGs and animated GIFs, and users will be able to access files from Google drive and Dropbox, so that they can be edited at any time on the iPad.

Unfortunately, HopTo can not connect to services that are connected to Apple, such as iCloud, but this might change in the future. But all together, the app looks very promising, and it could become a great competitor for iWork, since both are free and offer similar features.

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