How Do Others See Me On Facebook

Tired of logging out of Facebook to check how your profile looks to strangers? Of asking your best friend to check your profile for you? Of stressing and worrying and wondering whether or not your boss can see that your friend tagged you in a bar picture on the day you called in sick? No more worries. We have some tips for you:

  1. Your activity log. Do not panick… If you have crossed the box at the top of the page ‘include only me activity’ by accident once, that means that the activity with the globe sign also shows on your activity log. However, only you can see those things. Others cannot see that you have been looking up Zayn Malik or your ex husband about five times a day since June. It is only visible from YOUR account. Do not panick.
  2. Go to settings > privacy > review all your posts and things you’re tagged in. Then on the left there is a list of options. Click on ‘your posts’. Now you know what you have actually been posting and to whos wall.
  3. Now, this supernew FB feature (because not all changes in Facebook privacy policy are bad, only most of them…) allows you to view your timeline as someone else. Click the cog under your cover photo and select ‘View as’. You can enter a friend’s name or click on the ‘public’ hyperllink to see how strangers see your timeline.

I would lie if I told you that mr Mark Zuckerberg ‘doesn’t believe in privacy’ but this rumor may be true. Let us have our privacy. Let us not get stuck in the chaos of social media and remain the people we are now. Inform yourself. Know what you share and with who. I hope this article helps you.

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