How To Add Facebook Posts To Your Website

Since social media website users are growing and Facebook almost has a billion users, it’s a great source to add content from. Twitter already gives users the option to embed their tweets to their website and now Facebook recently added the embed option to their post dropdown settings.

How to embed Facebook posts?

To embed Facebook posts, photos and videos you need to simply click on the drop down menu that is on the right top of every post and then you have to select the Embed Post option. After the preview box will pop up and that could help you to edit a little bit for your page and then you can post a code to your website. That code uses DIVs and HTML5 so you won’t need any extra code to enter under <head>and won’t need any trick as it’s now officially allowed.

embed facebook post 2 embed facebook post 1

I hope that this quick tip will help you and if you wanna check out other Facebook tips and wanna learn some new things then check here


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