How To Add Start Menu To Windows 8

Microsoft’s newest OS Windows 8 brings a big change by removing the old start menu to a new metro style widget, that creates the same windows look on all gadgets, tabs, smartphones and other devices. It may frustrate some old PC windows users as they are not used to it so if you want to get the old start menu back on your Windows 8 home screen then i have some cool apps that help to add the start menu:

1. Classic Shell

ClassicShell is a free software that helps to add old features in Windows that have been removed by Microsoft.That project started back in 2008 after Microsoft brought a lot of changes after xp to vista to help old users that don’t want to use the new features.

2. Startmenu8

Startmenu8 is another free tool by iobit that add old start menu.That software is easy to install and have both option to add old start menu and metro style start menu or we can skip metro style start menu.

3. Startisback

Startisback is a paid application that comes with a trial version and it’s an easy tool with a lot of customization options for the Windows 8 start menu and you can use alternatives to other free software if you don’t like other applications.

If you don’t want to install extra software and wish to add a simple start button on your desktop toolbar manually, follow the steps below:

First go to desktop and right click on ‘create a new toolbar’.

Browse StartMenu Folder in C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows and press the ‘select folder’ button.

I hope the above tutorial will help to bring back the old startmenu on your Windows 8, but I personally prefer to use the new Windows8 style as you will eventually get used to it and then you won’t need that feature later.

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