How To Avoid Frustrations On A Mac


Sometimes people buy an iMac without realizing that it is not just a regular pc. There is a simple explanation for it: the iPhone was designed to be easy in use for everyone. The iMac however isn’t useful at all if you don’t want to use it for any more than you are using your pc for. You will only grow frustrated because many things on the Imac are very different than on pc. For example;

  1. Managing your browser. Opening multiple webpages can be confusing and you need to click the icon on your desktop to see a ‘preview’ of the sites you have opened.
  2. Sometimes downloads, apps and webpages are all seen as ‘pages’ on iMac.
  3. Just like on an iPhone you need to download programs by going to the app store. On iMac the app store is on your desktop.
  4. Just like every other Apple product iMac only supports… Apple. Which is annoying on a computer because it limits your possibilities.

My advice is to think carefully before purchasing an iMac. Realize that it’s not a regular pc and think to yourself ‘do I really need this?’.

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