How To Block A Website On All Browsers In Windows

Some websites are not suitable for kids, or maybe your kids are busy visiting unnecessary websites instead of studying and you want to restrict them by blocking some websites. You can block websites with hosts files in the windows folder without any software for all users and in all browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Block Website in all Browsers

Blocking Website Guide For Windows

To Block websites first you need to search ‘hosts’ file that is located C:windows\system32\drivers\etc. Then open hosts file with notepad and add the following code to notepad text editor and replace your desired website with

block website in windows

Blocking Website Guide For Windows 8

If you have windows 8 then you may need some extra steps as you can’t edit windows host file without administrator permission so you need to open notepad or any editor with permission. You should search notepad in windows apps and right click on your editor icon and use Run as the administrator option. Then go to open option of your editor and locate hosts file in windows folder and save after inserting website with fake DNS.

Windows 8 Website Blocking part 1 Windows 8 Website Blocking part 2

Blocking Website Video

I hope this small guide will help to block websites on your PC easily and the best benefit of this trick is that it shows that the website is down and it won’t require any extra software that could slow your PC plus it won’t show anyone that it’s blocked by you.

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