How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

Nothing is more anoying to receive on Facebook than unwanted game requests. You get all exited about your notifications, but instead of being tagged in a picture or having an interesting wall post or anything interesting at all, you have at least 22 game requests from your auntie Edna and Bob from the office.

Even if you play games yourself this just gets annoying. How do you switch the game requests off? Read it here..

How to Block Facebook Game Requests:
Facebook lets you block only certain games. If you block them you will not get any more requests for them and you won’t receive stuff in your news feed anymore. At the top of the FB homepage you will see a down arrow. Click on that arrow and go into privacy setting. There you will find ‘Blocked people and apps’.

Click on ‘manage blocks’. The option to block certain games can be found there. Go to the option ‘block apps’. Type in the name of the apps or games that you wish to block, and you’ll be good. You have to block every game or app individually. You can unblock a game or app by going to the same place and selecting ‘unblock’ instead of ‘block; this time.

FB games and apps
From the apps and games area in Facebook you can manage blocking requests as well. Click on the ‘Apps and Games’ button, on the top left of your screen. Here you will find all your invites from friends. If you scroll your mouse pointer over the invites you will highlight them and you will see a small ‘x’ at the corner of the ones that are highlighted. Click on that ‘x’ and your invite will turn yellow. Now an option will appear inside the box to block the game or all requests from that friend.

Hate the game? Block the friend!
Might be you have one friend who keeps sending you requests to games. You can go to the same area as mentioned above, but now you will want to go to ‘blok app invites’. Type in the name of the particular friend you don’t want game invites from anymore and there you go! Don’t worry about blocking relatives or friends of your parents, because the person won’t know that you have blocked them.

The last option covers both of the two first options, so that is the one that I prefer. This may be a lot easier than going through all the trouble of the first ones. Good luck!

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