How To Check Competitor Website Stats

It is always important to have information about competitors to be in top and in web it’s more important to know page rank, marketing, back-lining, strategy and other stats to become more terrific. Every day lots of domain register and some get better in lesser time and some aren’t successful at all so it’s better to learn from other websites to plan the best way to market your website.
To know statistics of competitor websites I want to share 2 online places to get the estimated analytics of different sites:


    It helps to get estimated terrific that could help to know the earning and also the demand of the topic. We can know CMS, Dmoz and other important things which help to start a website or blog on the same topic. It’s a very useful site; we can even know the place of hosting and some secret details.
    To learn more about seo we should know the backlinks and other social analytics of the site that we can get from We can have full details of links with domain authority and we can check places where the website insert links. It helps to know how many links and tlds our competitor focuses on.

Both site above are important and analyzing a successful competitor is a primary step for marketing websites and it affects significant on terrific of website.


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