How To Check Websites With Same IP

You may be worried about your shared hosting speed and may want to know know sites that host in the same server with the same IP. As we know, there isn’t any effect to having the same IP sites of SEO to your website but still there are a few rumors. If you want to see your neighbors site then I can share two great useful online tools to check websites with the same IP.

YouGetSignal Checker Tool

This is a free tool that can show almost all websites that are hosted on your website IP without any external factor like PR, backlinks but still it’s useful to check to know the number of websites for your hosting speed.

Neighbourhood Checker by Majestic SEO

It is a useful tool of majestic SEO that helps to find upto 25 neighbor websites with other external SEO factors.This tool can help to review your neighbor’s website with SEO point of you. You can view all website with their paid version but it could be costly.

I hope the above tools will help to optimize your website with SEO and speed and if you need other web tips from Hqtips then check here.

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