How To Check Your iPhone Sim Unlock Status

If you wanna buy an iPhone you might wanna know the sim status because unlocked phones are usually expensive and have high values due to freedom of carrier or you might wanna unlock it in order to switch your mobile carrier. Well, you might find a lot of free services. Usually they don’t show perfect details but I tried 2 free online websites that worked for me:

    iphoneimei shows free iPhone details without any survey and you don’t even have to sign up or login to get sim or factory unlock status. This website won’t show many details like contract expiring date and complete configuration of your phone.
    iphone imei status
    They have further options like if you wanna check the carrier or want to unlock your iPhone, but these options aren’t free. They will charge $1 for carrier check and for unlocking your phone they could charge from $10 to $60.
    imei info is the next option if you can’t get unlock status from above website usually because the server is down. This website is free but has some limitations, like you might have to login to check sim lock status and can’t check more than one or two imei and you have to pay.imei info

I hope this tutorial will help to get you iPhone information and if you are planning to unlock your phone then you should check details from where you are going to unlock your phone. Other paid service will be accurate and cheaper to unlock your phone from.


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