How To Create A Hibernate Shortcut In Windows 8

Hibernate is an improved feature in Windows 8 and it’s one of the fastest ways to switch off your PC. It allows you to continue any program after switching on your PC like you can pause and continue any game or video after opening your PC from hibernate.To create a hibernate shortcut follow these few simple easy steps below.

  1. To create a shortcut first right click on desktop and take the mouse arrow to new and select shortcut option.shutdown-shortcut1
  2. The new browse box will open, then write shutdown.exe /h in the location bar and press finish.
  3. To set a decent shortcut icon right click on shortcut, go to the shortcut tab and then select any icon.
  4. If you want to have a nice icon in the task-bar to hibernate fast then right click on shortcut and select pin to start menu. Open a start menu and then select pin to taskbar.

Creating a hibernate shortcut video

I hope you like this quick tip of Windows 8 and find it helpful. If you want to enable hibernate option in windows 8 then check here or if you want to learn some other windows 8 tips and tricks then check here.

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