How To Grow Your Business Through Facebook Page


Does your business have a Facebook page? Of course it does. Are you already making more money than Best Buy? Of course you are not. However, we have a few guidelines and tips for your Facebook page that will help your business grow:

  1. A good tip: offer a coupon for people who like your page. Send everyone who ‘likes’ your page a unique code which they can use to get a 5 to 10 percent discount on a product or service that your business offers.
  2. Do not, ever, and I can’t say this enough: Never be the first one to ‘like’ your own posts. Call it crazy, but I have two fake FB accounts – Walter Pisbaum and Carl Hammerwheezle respectively – and if nobody likes me or I don’t get enough likes I ‘like’ myself on those accounts.
  3. However, do make sure that you are the first one to like your page so that it shows up on your friend’s news feed.
  4. Make your posts interesting. Make a joke once in a while. Post a cute picture of a cat with a santa outfit along with your holiday offer announcement.
  5. Interpunction matters. Do not post stuff like ‘special offer!!! If you purchase, for more than 10$ in feb you get a coupon for the Movies Theatre… so Be The First one to like!!’. You are not at the flee market, you are doing business here.
  6. Do not post a lot of unnecessary stuff about yourself. Nobody cares that you are single, that you have three beautiful daughters and a golden retriever and that you like to take long walks on the beach… Post about your business persona. Ask yourself what kind of information you would give on a job interview.
  7. If you want to advertise a lady shave you do not have to go through lengths to make your post appealing to all of your fans. It is okay to post things that are only appealing to a certain kind of costumer once in a while. Do not advertise too many products in one post. One will do.
  8. It is okay to congratulate your employees on their birthdays openly and to wish people happy holidays. This makes you look like a sympathic company.
  9. I said ‘happy holidays’. Not ‘marry Christmas’. It is also not a good idea to post anything political, ever. You don’t want to thrive people away.
  10. Make sure that your pictures are clear and not blurry or unprofessional looking. You want to avoid that.
  11. I hope that no one would even want to go this low but unfortunately some companies post nasty things about their competition on FB. I unlike then. It’s unfriendly. Stay discrete.
  12. Post everything in good English and if your company is in China or in Pakistan, in Germany or in Burkina Faso, then don’t post in English.
We hope this will help your business.
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