How To Increase Internet Download Speed

It sucks when you have to waste a lot of time on small files due to low speed, especially when you don’t have anything to do; you may get very angry when you;re playing an online game and lose because of you lagging pc or you may get annoy when you are talking about something interesting on an internet call and it get’s slow.
I will give you a few tips and technics to boost your internet speed up to the maximum limit that your ISP provides . We cannot have more speed than ISP limit and all other tools and software are definitely scams if they guaranty to speedup the download more than the speed it’s set to…. Unless if you hack your DSL provider.

To accelerate your download speed follow the steps below:

  • Close all Software and tools that use internet like Skype, Yahoo or any other app like weather report etc and check any application is upgrading which using part of your internet speed;
  • Use Anti-vius to check if any malware or spyware is on your PC and uses your internet bandwitch.
  • If you don’t see any improvement on your download speed than it means there is some problem with your DSL service provider (maybe because of a lot of sharing on your internet and reduces download speed on peak time). If you have the same problem you can still increase your internet speed by:
  • Installing/downloading software or addon on your browser like Internet Download Manger, Free Download Manager , Flash Gate etc.
  • Using any DNS server tool to run your internet with fast DNS server like Namebench or Open DNS.
  • Complaining your internet company. Maybe they can see any problem or benefit you by plugging your internet cable into a different router that has less bandwitch usage so you can have full share of speed.

After trying all these technics your internet speed will boost up to the maximum limit and if you are still not satisfied with your download speed, then change your service provider or upgrade your internet speed.

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