How To Play PC Games On Android Phones

As we know, technology is growing rapidly and everyone wants to enjoy themselves with new things.You might be bored with playing high quality games on PC and maybe you would like to play on small gadget like your mobile.To play games on android phone you just need 2 apps that can make your PC into a cloud game server like Onlive and you can stream your pc game from any place on android devices.

First we requires a standard PC where you can install a game and then you need any remote desktop app like teamviewer or splashtop 2 to stream or remote your PC desktop from any place. I prefer Splashtop because you can hear sounds plus the quality of videos is very good and according to their official website you can stream videos upto 30 fps and, which is decent for gaming. They have the option to enable game joystick controller for games but do not support all games.

splashtop for gaming

The second thing you might be required to have is a keyboard because splashtop won’t support all games and you can’t play some PC games without a keyboard and it won’t look cool if you open whole mobile keyboard and that will make your mobile screen shorter. So I searched some apps and found great alternative for that keyboard with an awesome google play app that isĀ GameKeyboard by locnet. Unfortunately it is not free but worth to try. Basically it allows you to select any keyboard key for game controller buttons that will be shown on your touch screen. That app has many features plus lots of options. It might look complicated to set up but you can still get more details from the app page and you can ask help from their support service to help manage you in app.
Game Keyboard

So that tutorial will help to use your pc as a gaming cloud that you can play any game of PC from your android devices.Their are also some alternative techniques like some companies are providing gaming cloud services. One of the best is Onlive and through their apps you can stream games anywhere like from tv, mobile or tablet but they could cost you much so I recommend you to try the above method. It is cheap and worth to try.

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