How To Keep Your Twitter Free From Spam And Prevent Hacking

Twitter is the second most popular social media site (after Facebook). It is a cool way to connect with friends and even with celebrities. Due to its popularity many internet geeks take benefit and share their wealthy spam links through DM, Tweets and by hacking other people’s twitter accounts.


To avoid spam on twitter follow the guidelines below:

  • Don’t follow unrelated people, people who are not related to your business or people with incomplete profiles and no profile picture.
  • Report to Twitter if you find any spam user.
  • Don’t authorize any third-party apps and check twitter apps page from here and revoke unknown application.
  • Check DM randomly and delete or report any spam you come across.
  • If you have a lot of followers or do not want to kill business reputation then it’s better to use any premium social account managing service like

If your account is hacked or someone sends tweets or DM from your account then:

  • First Revoke all twitter applications from settings here.
  • Change Password and choose a stronger combination or add more letters and numbers.
  • Delete all spam tweets and DMs.
  • Contact Twitter from here

These techniques will reduce spam or hacking to great extent. If you have important followers on your account and have a decent business reputation then I would suggest you to use any premium service to manage account which decreases the risk of losing important followers and also reputation.

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