How To Quickly Install Essential Programs After Installing Windows

If you play a lot with Windows and download a lot of things from the internet it could often corrupt Windows. Maybe you even have a whole network of PC’s and want to install the same essential apps on every PC.It could be a pain for you to reinstall every program and download them individually so I want to share a really useful app, Ninite which installs every app or software you need with one single click.

To install apps with Ninite you need to go to their website and check the programs you want to install by category and get the installer with the ‘Get Installer’ button.
Ninite Installer
It’s a very useful app if you have to install Windows a lot and there are many other great alternatives of Ninite like Allmyapps and Appupdater but this program is clean and simple and if you don’t have time you can turn on the installation in night.

I hope this article will be helpful to you and that it will save you time and if you want to learn some other Windows tips then you can check all Windows articles here.

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